I don´t know what part of me
Continues in them. Will it be
My love of books? My humor?
My long walks, or the sadness?
Will they travel the world
Eager to change it like I always did?
I see his shadows; I see her tears.
But both have those smiles-
(My light)-and both my genes-
(My life.) And bigger still, deeper,
Another Light, another Life dances in them,
Infinite and warm.



What does it mean when the day starts gray?
When each call gets greeted by a round silence
Ringing every activity in an envelope of uncertainty?
The mist is gray, the rain falls gray,
The sky hides behind gray.
They say the Light far surpasses the sun and moon.
I have trouble following that, seeing only gray
Inside and out today. But I know tomorrow
Comes more quietly and that the sun still will look small
When I close my eyes and receive
Amida´s gift.
Namo…namo…namo amida butsu


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