I hope you never need
water to be so clean,
you can drink it from the faucet
instead of the toilet tank,
because one night
you were taken, walking to find
something better
and the men who took you,
separated you from your mother,
sneered and lusted your littleness,
resenting your color, your sand burnt feet
and wanting to humiliate you,
woke you up in terror
with their flashlights
until your little brother,
who once knew how to control himself,
now peed uncontrollably, daily, on himself
as your jailers laughed and named you
“Wetfront and Wetback!”

I hope your rent
is paid on time
so you don´t have to wash the
street with your tears
seeing the smelly old man
who lives in cardboard and
who sees your fear,
and knows you could be a shadow too
just like he is,
without a name,
and with no face
others will ever see

I hope you never see the day
you need to leave,
to run,
to flee a country
hardened by war,
so that when you try to get in,
their fingers
poke your privates,
or sweaty hands
and sickening grins
lift your dress,
probe your ass,
pull your pants,
or squeeze your balls,
before they watch you pass
and let you go,
and look at your girls,
your boys,
your tits,
your ass,
your mouth,
with their thoughts
about what you never
ever hope for.

I hope you you manage
to hold that job,
the one where you get paid
just enough
to feed the kids,
feed the dog,
feed the fish,
and buy shampoo
for your hair
and earrings for the night.

I hope you settle down and
live so well
you never worry
that you will be sent back
or sent elsewhere
or sent to jail
and instead
you smile quietly and
nod with the others
knowing that you will find
sun in the morning,
and coolness at night,
and the waves of the sea will rock
you to sleep
near the pier where
your friends hold their boats
so different than
the ones they took to cross the sea
to find
because people
just like you
can be monsters
who send back,
who close doors,
who rat on other people
so you can
“take your country back”.

I hope you manage
to feel good enough,
because there are ugly days
I hope
you suffer
just as much
as them,
and die
without hope.


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