They said it wasn´t possible,
But possible always is,
And will be,
If we wait long enough.

That works both ways though.

I remember the times
When the worst was
That awkward, frenzied negotiation,
Moment by moment, of conflicting emotions.
They conflict less now,
Surging hormones fade, control is gained,
The fight gets sapped.

Older we get and older we grow
But the race is always to the end.
Historical moments get named and viewed.
Many are ignored.
But all are participated in.

Now, to articulate the
Unspoken world,
To carry the signals from behind, and bring them to the front,
Out front, where they can be
Collected and shared
In drinking cups,
Around tables after dinner,
By the cooler and on shop floors,
In drive-thrus and driving ranges,
Where the sun burns and where it soothes,
The conversation is required:

We either give birth to new ways,
Or die because of the old.


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