Winter Solstice, 2016


She cries with cold.
She drops her tears upon the wet grass,
sprays the stars with blinding blue,
shatters the calm.

She blusters and snaps us from reverie.
She Mothers our needs until
at last, she allows herself to slip
through the nights, allowing the days
oft-waited glare to return once more.

Her message, unclear this time, though space pauses
until she finishes
and we all move forward
to Light
to another beginning.



2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice, 2016

  1. Yes, winter solstice can feel that way–an in-between state of affairs; the darkest day of the year when we hope for the return of more Light in our lives. And that is the nature of our world now: a transitional period, a very dark time of confusion and violence and the circle of violence seems unending. “Oft-waited” throws me off a bit, but the rest feels right.

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