The Heart´s Running Scream


Gainfully employed for Christmas
didn´t stop
the attitude I got
from the boss-
“I had hope in you” he said,
pointing to the wall where the figures were etched.
“Sadly we are in no financial position
to retain you
so we´ll have to call it here.”

I could speak of the deplorable
my mind made-
the antics like shitting on his chair
after the cleaning man and I
rearranged his office to look like
a tornado in August.

No, I won´t dive into that mess.
I´ll conserve my attitude
pack my stuff
leave the office
in dogeared facetime
and return
home to where I will
still be asked,
“How was your day, hon?”

It´s not like I will die or live
from the loss.
Not tonight.

Life is a whole lot of non-binary signals
attracting hope in the middle.

We´ll leave the aberrant wishes
for another wistful day.
Tonight, I´ll take out the trash
and stifle the heart´s running scream.


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