Narco sleep me well…

inside quiet, no
hope for rain, so hot,
its hot again
narco, sleep me well

it´s time again…
veins big now, stretched, tubed,
puncture fine,
works fine,
works so fine, baby…
sleep well,

narco, sleep me well.

pass the pipa, linda,
los generales cant´find us here
green leaves, plantains, and mango pieces
are set
the rice cooks in the other room,
the baby cries-
narco sleep me well.

los enemigos! shhhh!

down along the river
the guerilleros follow blind
red flags dance in the wind,

clouds are coming, the air is wetter,
above, norteamericanos drop papers,
bomb villages,
chose el presidente,
(El Presidente doesn´t care about you, baby)
She drifts folded
in a mosquito net that blows
with the breeze-
narco sleep me well.

in the pot, no! behind the pot!
the needle is warm enough
slow please, papi!
no, no me dejas sola!
alone…the sand on the floor
soft sand, brushes her legs…

alone, she´s not alone,

the sand on the floor is white,

the sand on her legs
rolls front to back, she rolls,

she laughs,
the floor rolls, the light
wakes in purple, the sweat rolls below

her dress, her neck is wet
the lizard stares coldly-
narco sleep me well.

the dress is lifted, high…
it´s time…
high she dreams of birds with sad eyes

(the lizard watches)

parrots with bright colors, fan her to sleep,
hands roughly pinch and examine,

examine? wait!
but the mosquito net waves…
she waves back in hazy sun memories
of a family gone,
alone now,

she´s not alone,

the rains begin, they fall,
the curtains close

the pot is boiling,
narco, please,

please, sleep me well tonight.


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