Your sanity is the greatest threat to the status quo.

Because your sanity retains humanity and dignity, is not afraid all the time, and creates new spaces for growth.
Your sanity sees clearly, without the news. Your sanity holds people close.
Your sanity is compassionate and empathetic.
Your sanity is not misanthropic nor betting on voting as the way forward.
Your sanity knows new ways must be tried.
Your sanity realizes we are all we got and therefore reaches out to others, particularly the poor, the marginalized, the fearful, the immigrant, the refugee, and the broken.
Your sanity knows we can do better, but only when we say “we”.
Your sanity is a brilliant little light in the darkness we all face and strong winds can affect it but,
Your sanity will light the fire again and again because
Your sanity is all you have.
All we´ve got

Hold onto your sanity.
And hold onto each other.
This will pass.


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