Walking to the horizon, our dreams seemingly faded further back,
Pulling away from us, still we continued.
We carefully plodded onward, game for the task: a mission, another dream
Was what we struggled for.

The discussions were long, and the moon
Greeted the night, and the stars blended to mornings
Among the clods of reason we used to convince others we were right.
There was no censorship: religion even, was on the table
And gladly we watched as the little ones gathered to hear it all laid out so bare,
So lucidly transparent, which they sensed was so unlike our past.
They were right.

We faced the new with determination and tears:
A restored creation was to be had
And in the morning we´d report on our progress. Step by step,
Unassailable progress was made, but we wanted more.

We wanted to dance.

To watch as the crops grew fat and our grandmothers
Sang stories over warm fires on chilly nights, remembering the past
And calling the better future.

Perhaps we persuaded no one,
Each day though, as the horizon retreated away from us,
The gathering got larger, and the steps, more certain.


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