She waltzed into the viewing chamber
wearing a watch and loads of time.
The room was silent, her luck, running out.
Somewhere before she´d seen this story and it ended badly.
The mushrooms didn´t help. At first.
Suddenly, out of the pot, she took four more sips and
soon swooned to the music they played. This was better.
Dancing was not optional.
Wealth was not counted in the same ways
during these night trips.
A fortune in experience is what it cost
and was what we all got.
She was doomed to enjoy it.
I watched from the corner,
wearing little but my own expectations.
She noticed right away and sat next to me
making the whole situation more habitable.
In the distant thunder I heard drums;
she heard a song of intimacy
I struggled to remember.
I promised her I´d try.