It is an “unfamiliar Name”,
A passing reference, born of
Strangers and rain in the city…

Show your face!

Two rivers begun from far apart
Roll down past green moss and the burnt look lava
Where a scattershot collection of trees
Bravely stand at that point
Where the streams join in
Masterful embrace, linking flows,
Tumbling into the blue depths where frenzy and madness celebrate
While becoming one taste upon lips of ecstasy.

This is the Name.

Somewhere past the forests of familiarity, the ordinary slippers
The feet on linoleum floors,
The couch impressions left after we´ve
Walked to the kitchen,
Here the Name calls too, and we turn away.

She is a dakini cry,
A wail through April clouds
To take chances
And leap into the wind naked
Glancing back with a smile.



She softened her tenses
For a shot-glass full of yearning
And a minor headache while wondering
If it would last or not.
That last he felt with a sting,
One flavored with lemon-bitterness and regret,
And he took it all personally.

She then turned to face his guilt
And found a little boy who knew his place
Was near the most probable cause of alarm
Without any interest in pause buttons.

The afternoon sweltered with bad stories and tasteless ruminations.
She´d had enough.
Along the walk home they both held another´s hand;
Though attached to the result, neither would speak of the
Synthesis growing between them.
That would take another nine months and a bowl full of laughter,
Which neither was ready for.



Hamlet heard a voice
& a marriage to be,
but it wasn´t.
Soul was missing
& the marketing people slummed
on the job.

At the end of the day
they explored infinite options
before coming to their senses.
Some cried, others banged drums.
I did interviews years later:
the skull remained.
Hamlet though, had taken
a long vow of silence.