/When finally/ the dead fall/
/is heard,/
/the thrush goes silent,/
/the deer no longer/
/through ancient brittle /underbrush,/
/when hummingbirds and hoot owls are/

/raven caws /silent/
/whippoorwills  /silent/
/the beavers and bears, wolves and bees/
/frogs and crickets and elfin squirrels/
/all silent, too,/

/when the dead fall comes/
/the brush will not sound,/
/the dark quiet will/
/inspire no one,/
/no brook will babble,/
/nor lake swell and rise,/
/no stream will softly sing/
/nor waving tree sigh,/

/rushing cars/
/and pale gas fumes/
/will stink,/
/horns and machines/
/will sound/
/more loudly,/
/down here,/
/and in the air/
/the returning traveler/
/will ease aching,/
/tightly fastened legs/
/to welcome the chance/
/to stretch/
/before the ride home,/
/radio frantic,/
/then faced with the dead fall/

/he´ll wonder/
/why it is the birds don´t sing…/
/and dead birds and beavers/ and/
/bees and wolves,/ fallen trees/
/and faded hummingbirds/

/will call from the /dimness/
/they now inhabit/
/and tell us/
/it wasn´t inevitable,/
/it was not meant to be/ at all,/
/this now and always/
/forever from now/

/dead fall./


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