Over the years I have felt the deep sadness around the suicide of people I knew or had met and, no stranger to the Darkness myself, I was reminded of one in particular because of some incident I´d read about in the US and the recent use of semi-colon tattoos for those who have overcome and survived. This is for him… and for all the others who feel they can´t endure or who despair, it can get better, this is only a pause in the dark.


The weight of his promise
crushed all but his tenderness.
His anger and passion
distilled thru his fear.
Alone on the pavement he managed to wander
sincere thoughts and guilt, his only two friends.

The dark leaden alleys,
brought nothing but shame.
The lights and the softness
were played like a game.
Now interior landscapes
all beckon with fire
Upon his weak shoulders
some ending felt near.

When does it end?
When does it end?

Cold nightmares remain:
the dreams died off early,
now faceless and empty
each day passes by.
No rescue is seen
No helpers are nearby,
Now Fate scrapes their face
etched by acid-dropped tears.
But a voice in his head
endures when others pass on:
This is not a full stop
Just a pause in the dark…

When does it end?
Someday it ends…

Someday it ends…
Someday it ends…


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