Convenient Fictions, What´s Next

But the task as I see it, is to acknowledge the convenient fictions that make up this “me” while all the while striving to do things here, at this level, which pull me ever upwards in my ascent to…well, to live, in my case, is to wrestle in this manner.

Wrestling with Life is the true task of any awakened person or one striving for such an awakening. In fact, the very action of wrestling in this context, IS the process of waking up.

I am convinced that as we strive for the Highest, we must reach downwards to elevate those needed help. And, as we work so hard to to strive to better our world, that we never lose sight of the Great Context: we are but atomic specks contained in one delicate form in a vast and unfathomable Cosmos.

Doing the first would change the structures we currently live within, capitalism, first of all, and then gradually the more delicately constructed structures of violence and racism, sexism, homophobia, patriarchal systems thinking and other configurations of the social order dissolvable only by careful application of the acid of compassion and justice.

Doing the second means a more individualized humility towards Life itself, a more interior perspective which sees a Greater Perspective.

For me, Infinite Light and Infinite Life are the poetic descriptors of that grander vision, “Amida”, infinitude itself, and we are all “saved” already, lifted from our finite limitations and headed back to the wider depths from which we originated and to which we should embrace our eventual return. Doing what is right, the good; fighting for justice and a better, more fair world, is the task I undertake not as payment for entry into my true home, but as the ultimately natural expression of the Grander Benevolence which pervades all things. I need not worry about doctrinaire prohibitions or small print exclusions, I do good because it is there and is right and is the best way to benefit all beings. Somewhere down the line, the creation of that “Pure Land” here on Earth, may be the result, but I need not concern myself with results. Doing my little part is enough, and the moral compass my inner life is set towards is the path that makes this life better for me as well, and one I can look back with some confidence that it was all worthy.


2 thoughts on “Convenient Fictions, What´s Next

  1. I deeply believe that we are all loved unconditionally and we will step through the veil to go “home”, that infinite source that holds our soul, spirit, higher self, or whatever you want to name it. Doing good and living with integrity honors the bigger source that we’re all part of. Doing what we can every day seems small. After all, the problems of the world are overwhelming, and quite often I feel so helpless and insignificant. But deep down, I think what we do in our corner of the universe and the light we bring is more significant than we know.

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