This brings to an end my experiment in devotional poetry, The Flame in the Lotus. I hope you have all enjoyed it!

Rest assured, the bridge is dangerous and very narrow.
If I fall one way, I am swallowed by fire,
The other side, I drown in water.
Behind me the past relays its gossip
In the mouths of regret and stupid sins. They never stop,
And are threatening to swallow me whole should I go back.
Among them, one says “Go! You can do it.”
And way out in front, between the flames
And the sprays of white drops clouding my sight,
I can make out open arms
Calling me to hurry across, and,
With a little bit of bracing courage
I balance my way forward, inch by inch.
It won´t be easy.
But what maternal arms will greet me!
Oh! Oh!
Namo amida butsu!


2 thoughts on “THE FLAME IN THE LOTUS

  1. This has been a fantastic series, José. Kudos! The journey has been personal, joyful, painful, and deep with reflection. Thank you for sharing it here. I’ll miss it 🙂 Are you thinking of publishing these?

    • I just did. 😉
      Actually, though, it is not my style to be so open or self-revealing and yes, I did originally intend on publishing them but it was a task I am unsuited for so I offer them to whomever receives some inspiration on their own Path. Dharma is long and in many ways, hard, but sometimes someone else´s light illuminates our road.

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