I woke up this morning and understood:
I am Namo, namo is my in-breath.
Taking from the world, pulling it all together,
Into and creating, a me.
Amida Butsu is my out-breath, giving back
To the world releasing all the pain, the pent up holding back,
Sighing a Mother´s sweet breath onto all her children.
In between, I see because there is Her Light;
I am, because there is Her Life.
Both Infinite, interpenetrating between breaths, between worlds,
Between all thoughts and lives.
In-breath, out-breath,
Folded in and out, constant,
Like a simple life, a simple man, alone maybe,
But happy today!


2 thoughts on “THE FLAME IN THE LOTUS

  1. I find I struggle with *really connecting* to breath. You have given me much here (out breath) that I may carry forward (in breath) as I practice. A personal level-words that resonate for me right now. Beautiful and thank you.

    • Your breath is a gift – we *did nothing to deserve it, and nothing to gain it. Thus I can connect (as I did here last year when I write this) breath to the Nembutsu. This gift keeps me alive and the in breath comes naturally, as the out breath and everything I am and want, all I believe in and think about, are enfolded between the nourishment of my breath. Attention to that is “mindfulness” (I prefer “attentiveness” as I teach it). Being present to it is “formless meditation”. relaxing in breath is “Dzogchen” and “Mahamudra”. And because I have not contrived to get it, it is my way of being grateful to the Infinite Life and Infinite Light that surrounds and sustains me. So our breath is, in many ways, the beginning and end of all Buddhist practice – of whatever form. And note this: we are all born on an in breath (a baby´s first breath is in) and die on an out breath. The significance of this is simple and ordinary, and incredibly profound at the same time.

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