I´ve read the books, the Sutras, many commentaries,
Studied the Kyogyoshinsho,
Read about the variants in practice and
Tried to be a scholar and
Filled my mind with doctrines.
Then I stopped and said,
“Stupid priest! Amida brought you here
To the Name, took your hand and led you to seek ordination,
Helped you contact people, and made all the big arrangements.
Before then, you knew how to weep, to wonder,
To reach into your heart
And find the only solace there was: that deep Light of the heart.
That´s Amida! Stay there! Hold that tightly
As your refuge and you´ll be fine.”
I have listened, and now, only the Light matters,
Quiet, delicate like a hum, always in the background.
But always there.


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