Lunar Luminosity

It began behind the darkness I faced, dreaming. It was a cool light, fresh, bright in a different, very noticeable way, though I couldn´t understand why it was there. It´s shimmer textured the dream with an even more unworldly element. I found myself wondering, in that edgy space between dreaming and needing to awaken, if I was in the presence of something or rather, if something had moved close to me and it´s brightness had managed its way into the dreamworld I was engaged in.

After a few moments, I couldn´t ignore it any longer and felt like I just had to open my eyes. Just after 4am. For a quick moment I didn´t understand, because it was still dark all around me–the room´s windows covered with their early summer blankets to keep out the daily growing more irritating sunlight which heralded the end of Iceland´s 5 months of darkness and the new period leading up to the summers glorious–if unsettling to those who enjoy their sleep– period which gives us nearly 20 hours of sun at its peak.

But no, this was different. Rubbing my eyes I noticed that its source came from outside the room, past the living room which faced the open doorway and outside, beyond the large windows which faced the shared yard. Over the distant hill, I saw it. A moon, full, pregnant with an eerie brilliance shining so bright and sitting so low to the horizon it appeared as a magical disc drawing me awake. Calling me to witness its own tender Presence.

I responded with a smile and about 15 minutes of absolute wonder. Then fell back asleep with a tired grin pasted to the face, planted on the contented pillow.