Back in the Saddle, Again

The birthday´s over. Officially, at least, I´m now 53 years old. It´s not much different than 52. At least not since last Friday. Maybe Time WILL tell. Who knows? The weather´s definitely Fall-like now, today it was about 46F but sunny. Lovely walking weather but I apparently caught a cold so am feeling run down.

Run over is more like it!

However, I´m ready to begin again, after a wonderful weekend with two friends in the Icelandic countryside of Selfoss. A cool summer house named Tinnta, loads of conspiracy talk, “Tropic Thunder”, “House of Games”, a few documentaries, and way too much wine and lamb. Herbally seasoned.  Sheep outside the window BAA-ing me awake at 6 after falling asleep at 2. A dead bird near the hottub (really) and nothing to “do” except enjoy the company, read, write, laugh, and talk. Lots and lots of talking…Even got some further thoughts put down on paper on a screenplay idea I have been contemplating for a while now. So…let´s get back to “work” and begin again, on top of this horse called “My Blog”.

See you later?


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